May 07, 2017

Worked till midnight

As you can see, I was given the shift hours of 5 till 11pm. The store closed at 9, so I already knew I wasn't going home at 11. It's just a given.

I left at midnight. And about 20 mins later I got the 24A home. I'm sure that was the last bus leaving the mall.

As I sat on that bus I wished that the driver would turn off the lights, but I know it wasn't happening. I got home about 1:10 which isn't bad since I took my time walking up from the bus stop. I almost gave up a dollar for a transfer so I could take the 107 or 37, up to Elizabeth Ave.

But before I did, as I was getting ready to get off the bus, I realized that I didn't know if the other buses were still running. And by the time I reached Elizabeth Ave on my own, no buses had passed me.

The day started off pretty well. I rubbed my foot through the pain from just touching it and it helped. Half my foot felt normal again. I was surprised and happy.

But of course I slowly undid all that as I stood and walked for the next 8 or so hours. Now my massaging doesn't seem to do anything.

Well I'm off today and I just helped my sister separate and bag everything in the house to be washed. The apt looks like when we first moved in. She took the curtains. All of them. So much light.

We took so long to do all that she didn't realize until she got to the laundromat that we didn't pack anything to wash them with. 😳

She went to Costco yesterday to buy all that stuff so she could do the wash today. Oh well.

In about 30 mins I'll be sweeping the floor and breaking down the boxes that are taking up too much space in the kitchen.


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