May 01, 2017


As far as my attending doc is concerned the simple explanation of my strained muscles is what is causing my foot to be numb, but he can't just fix either.

So I'm at the hospital pharmacy getting muscle relaxers and a higher dosage of ibuprofen. I think it will be like the ones I get from my sister, but ran out of. At least I did that part right. In a day or two, when I don't have a trace of aspirin in my system, I may try the icy hot again. He said I couldn't use it, but did touch on the aspirin thing.

As for the muscle relaxers, I take them before bed because they are supposed to make me sleepy. So I can't take any untill tonight.

I called in to work and called out for tomorrow, so I can give it a day and perhaps get rid of some of the numbness before working for days straight.  So instead of three days, I'm doing two.  I still think that I'll go downtown to try and get Medicare. I have to kook for a doc too. You know a primary one. I heard I could get one here at the hospital. Another call I have to make.

I'm next to information in the hospital, so maybe they can help me. I'll see.

Despite my attending telling me the numbness will ease with my muscles getting better, the pain continues to worry me. I should stop though. My skin is fine, for me, there is no swelling or anything else that caused any alarm for him to go off, so I should stop thinking that I'm going loose my leg or foot.

At least he said it should be fine in a week with hot showers, stretching and the muscle relaxers. That would be nice. I took a month and effort to get this way, I should be grateful it won't take as long to fix it. But with having work it may take a bit longer. But I won't care if I see progress. And that is all anyone wants to see with anything. Progress. The good kind. 😊

Back to pacing. I'm saving my sitting pain for the ride home.  I think I'll G stand in the shower for a bit when I get home.

Oh, he said I could take Tylenol too. I almost got some the others day when I picked up the other things. Oh well.


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