April 10, 2017


I set up the slow cooker so Phillys would find something to eat when she got home because I'm covering for a girl who has finales today.

Her shift is from noon till 9pm. I don't know why I took so long to say I would. She came over and asked me, she even said my name but I'm sure some told her to ask me.

Anyway, I had nothing for week except that Sunday and like I said I needed to start saving again. So slow cocker is on and setting that up had me leaving the house about 10-13 past 10 am. I was suppose to leave the latest at 10 itself since I'm trying to give myself 2 hours of active traveling time. Get out and I walk down the hill, then doe the side of the park to get to the 24 bus that ends at the mall. The only thing is, this bus takes the longest to get there that I have taken yet. Almost an hour.

I arrive at the bus stop at 27 past which I thought was good. I was going to use this text number to check when the next bus would be, but they didn't have one. So I waited and waited until about 10 till. And when I finally saw it there were 3 of them one after another in a nice line.

The time is currently 11:03am. Just passed the post office in Elizabeth and some check person came on and asked for proof that I paid to enter another zone. That is the first time that has happened, but now I know what those old transfer slips of paper are for. I just paid $1 to continue my ride, but now I'm out of dollars. I got a water yesterday. I'll have to break the $5 I have on me or I won't be coming home easily tonight.

Well later. 😊

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