April 26, 2017

Already at work

I wish that I could work every other day, but that won't be happening tho week or the next.

Anyway, left the house about 15 past, and somehow made it to the bus stop by half past I think, just in time to get the express. Yeah.

I wanted to use the bathroom, but I knew I had to hold it in until I got here and I got here at the top of the hour.

So now I'm trying to convince my body to do what I wanted 45 mins ago.

I was slightly surprised that I made such good time to the bus stop without ripping out a lung. My legs and hips still hurt, but I think they will continue to hurt for weeks yet.

It's raining outside, but they said that I should stop soon, but we will have fog for most of the day. You think that would keep people home, but according to Antony, people with cars and money come out to shop on such bad weather days because they can't go to the parks and such.

We shall see.

I work from 10 till 5 today and I work for the next two days. All about the same time. 10 or 11 till 5 or 6 something.

Oh, I bright lunch with me today. I somehow spent over $120 in two-ish days, so I have $13 left. 😞

Oh well. I'm going to see about making much for us again and stop buying things so often.


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