April 30, 2017

Got a lift

My brother showed up at 1 this morning waking me up, but he ended up giving me a lift, so it worked out.

As fir my left leg. Still in pain an now my whole foot is annoying and possibly numb. What gives?! My right leg and foot is completely fine.

I asked my brother about it since he works out and had gone through drills and training and such. At first I willing to believe that I actually tore something, like my muscles, but where was the numbing coming from?

So I pinched another nerve? Great! So I can't put I off any longer. I have to go get Medicare so I can see someone about my leg. Right now I'm just hoping to survive the day. Then tomorrow I ho to the health department to apply.

I took my one aspirin, Advil and ibuprofen  but my hopes aren't that high that they will help much today.

I have just over an hour before my shift starts, so I'm going to the second floor for half an hour. I don't want anyone putting me to work be for my time.


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