April 14, 2017

Work - Sunday 16th - 11am-4:30pm

I hate Phillys. I had this entered from the week before when I clocked in the first time with my code, but by the time I check again, it had been taken out, but I didn’t realize it until Robin called me asking me to come into work tomorrow. I told her I couldn’t because I was going out with my sister. But I also told her that I did have work this Sunday because she had said that I wasn't down for any work this weekend. 

I tell my sister this after I check my calendar, which I did after I talked with Robin and she said that I should have said yes. It’s not her bones that are aching, but she said that in the least I should let Robin know that I have time set aside to come in for work, but it was no longer true. So what happens? She, Robin, extends those hours from 4:30 till 8pm. Then while I’m writing this, someone else calls me back and asks why I’m not coming in for Saturday when I said I would.

I do not remember this at all, and it goes back and forth a little bit until Robin comes in and sets things straight. I seemingly agreed to work this Saturday from 12 till closing around 7 or so and the Sunday. So I got more work on Saturday and the new Sunday hours still stand. In addition to that, I have Monday and Tuesday work. I get two days off, and I’m back again on Friday. And all of them are from 10 or 11 am till 5:30, 6:00 and 6:30pm.

Great… I knew that I was going to work my way up to about 5 days a week if not more, but I was enjoying the now of fewer hours just to get my body into going to work and moving so much again. It still hurts to just sit that I know I’ll be pain come tomorrow.

I started off hating Phillys, but now I’m just back to being sore about being sore. 

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