April 22, 2017

Quick update before going to read something and sleep...

Hello. :)

Now, first off. What 'shop' was I talking about before?

At work, they have split up each department into sections or 'shops'. Some are larger than some and some are manned by one or two people at a time.

We are highly discouraged from leaving our shops just to keep people from walking off with stuff. Today I got a talking to because I was given 'put backs' to put back where they came from the fitting room, but I made the mistake of actually finding their place within my department instead of just handing them off to the person in that shop.

I currently think it's the only thing I have to stop myself from doing. Going into other shops and staying there. I can walk over, drop something for them, then hurry back or call them over to take care of a customer that needs something from their 'shop'.

So. I have worked every day since Saturday and on Wednesday gave up my day to come in from 3pm until 10pm, but then they changed it to 11pm without telling me until I was half way through my shift. So I ended up leaving after 1am. One other new worker, the same guy who waited with me at the same forsaken bus stop on the first day of my interview, lives a few-ish blocks from me, so he gave me a lift on his Uber ride.

Yes, we still use Uber. I use Uber. My sister uses Uber. And some people from work use Uber. They are far cheaper than the local taxis that are parked outside the Mall during normal hours.

Now because I gave up that day, I'm 2 hours away from entering real over time territory, so I was told to not come in for my Sunday shift. Yeah. I get a real weekend. That was one of a few good things that happened today.

I did miss my bus by like 30 seconds, but the I did get a bus like 10 mins later and we even caught up with the bus that missed and got to work almost an hour early. Wonders of wonders it was short ride today. I went upstairs, near Tommy's and sat down to read the book I started on the bus. I came down, went to Jamba Juice and it was going to be my breakfast, but I had to put it away and finish it during my break at 2pm.

BTW, it was a Green n' Ginger. 

I've had three of them so far. Size small. :) But I didn't realize that it had lemon juice in it until today. But I think I'll mix it up next week. :) I may get the Orange Carrot Karma Smoothie next. :)

Also, I thought I was working until 6:30, but I was told that my shift was until 5:30. Cool. Still didn't leave the building until after 6 due to a number of reasons. 

One, I went to get Haagen dDz for me and my sister. Then when I'm getting cold outside waiting for the bus, my sister calls and asks me to get her candied nuts or dried fruit for a cake she was going to make. So I had to walk the length of the parking lot and almost the full length of the mall to find this one place that two kinds of butter toffee nuts. Two of them, for her at $3.49 1/4 lb. I got her almost half a pound of the two nuts combined.

I normally fall asleep on the way home one the bus, but I did fall asleep really early last night, so I wasn't that sleepy. Tired feet yes, and aching bones, but not really sleepy, so I went back to reading my story. 

Which is what I'm going to be doing now. :)


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