April 26, 2017

The day is done...

... And I stayed back an extra 40 mins. I didn't mean to. I was putting up, or back some stuff slowing in between trying to help people when one of the managers came and gave me something to do. Fix and fill in the boy's underwear. No big really. Other than breaking off one of the hooks.

When I was done the girl who was replacing me, since I was the only one in kids now, was there, so I was helping to put up some of the clothes and now is when people started asking for my help.

Robin even came and asked me how come I hadn't clocked out yet. I told her that I was hanging up some pants when I was asked to help. She then to just let her know when I was leaving since we have to be checked before leaving the store.

So, I'm done helping people, We put up and away all but 2 things, so I was taking the box of left over underwear inside and talk to the manager about the hook breaking. When she made it sound like I was staying, I told her that I should have clocked out 40 mins ago.

She told me to have someone bring the cage out with the underwear and such for kids, but I couldn't find anyone so I took it out to her myself. Or at least I tried to. This is when Robin found me again.

We talked a little and I left the cart next to the underwear with the help of someone else and I clocked out.

I didn't have to wait long for the bus, but it's all warm now. The one time I could use some cool breeze. 😊

Around half way home now. Going to see what I can cook for dinner/lunch for tomorrow.


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