April 29, 2017

Day of pain

I didn't even work today and I was in agony. Maybe that was why I was in so much pain.

I tried to detox from the pills I was taking, but it got so bad I had to take something. I tried out the icy hot roll on that I got last night, but I think I might have done something bad when I put a pain patch over that.

Three or so hours ago I realized that my left leg was in pain and than an hour or so ago I realized that my whole leg was numb and at the same time felt like something was wrong with my bones in my leg. I also broke out in a cold sweat and almost vomited. I then dragged myself into the show even as I felt like laying down in the bottom of the tub.

I pulled off the two patches and took a shower to wash off the icy hot. I saw myself throwing up as my sister called my job. As much as I would like a day off, I didn't want it that way.

While I was in there I decided to wash my hair. It's not a great job, but it will do for a day and I can try again on Monday. My next day off.

Thinking that I decided to check my hours for Sunday. I'm there all day. 11am till 8pm. My legs and I aren't that happy about it, but at least I get an hour lunch break. I'll have that burger and fries from Applebee's again.

I tried to order some take out to take in with me to work, but I seem to have been mistaken about... Now I remember. I knew I had $5 but when I was placing my order and the lady on the phone said what I ordered was over the $20 I had, I couldn't find the $5. I just remembered that I gave it to my sister when we went to Manhattan last weekend. Well, that mystery is solved.

Back to my leg. It almost felt worst when I got out, but now that think about, there was a little less pain, but the over all numbness of my whole leg was not something that set my mind at ease.

I thought that perhaps sitting would help since laying down, like I've done for most of the day, may help my leg. And wonders of wonders, the numbness went away within 10mons I think and it actually felt good. Now an hour later the pain is coming back. Maybe the aspirins I took after my shower helped with the numbness, but can't work on the pain. I only took two baby aspirins.

I know I have bad circulation and with the numbness I thought it would help somehow.

On a bit more pleasant news, it's very warm right now so I'm thinking of plugging in my little fan and I don't know what I'll wear to work yet. I need to wash my jean skirt. Heck, I need a new jean skirt, or two.

I was thinking of getting some new shoes with my current pay, but my sister needed  $60 to cover rent. There goes my shoe shopping and clothes shopping money.

Maybe I'll be able to get something cheep so I could stop wearing my rain "combat" boots and be able to wear shorter skirts.

I wonder what I'll wear tomorrow, not to mention do with my hair since I'm washing it again in another day and it's not that clean now?


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