April 10, 2017

The Day Drags On

I actually got here in good time today. Maybe it just seemed that long to me the first time because it was the first time.

So, I was placed in the fitting rooms today. First time. And there is a mountain of clothes to refold and send back to the floor. I'm sure I will be here after 9 helping to get rid of it.

By the time I asked someone what time it was the first time, I was dismayed when I was told it was just past one.

I'm very sure that most of, if not all the costumers are repeat visitors, but they just walk into rooms without waiting to be assigned a room. So I ended up walking in on a woman who was in a room without a count number on the handle. In fact, it wasn't the only time. But I messed up on my own with walking in on one person. I forgot how that happened, but I know I did.

Normally I get a work out without knowing it, but today I do. I'm bending over to check under benches and reaching around mirrors and checking picture frames to see if anyone got any of the security tags off. Now I wish I hadn't worn my sweater. I expected to be on the floor. This would have been fine for out there.

If I am ever sent to the fitting room again I will not be folding. As much of work out and how frustrating it can be at times, folding is twice as bad because they have to fold and still help out with customers. They should have more than 2 people working back here. Heck, I think there should be no less than 3 people there. At least one dedicated to folding and moving the clothes. One dedicated to seeing to the rooms and the customers and a floater to help where ever/do a little of both.

Due to my long shift today, I'm on an hour break. So once I was told to go on break, I took some bags to the floor and tried to put this other bag back in its place, but the lady got short with me for not already being on break.

I was just trying to clear up that area a little now that I was no longer tied to that spot.

So, I went to the food court looking for something decent to eat. I ended up paying over $5 for a small fruit salad.

Ok. Times up. Later.

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