April 14, 2017


I'm at the laundromat. I had this odd fear hit me that I didn't have enough clean socks for work, so here I am. 😆 Of course I'm washing more than just my socks.

I'm texting a friend while I'm here and he told me that he wasn't at the library and how they would be closed Monday too.

That would be why there aren't any kids in the schools I passed. And I kinda timed my outing for when they would be in class.

Swarms of kids and the cars coming to pick them up is something I hate walking through. It's not right next to my house but I have to walk pass there to get here.

Oddest thing just happed with the dryers.

One machine took the card ok, and gave me 10 mins for 40cents, then I had to fight with the next one and it gave me 12 mins for 40 cents then the last one that displayed the information nicely I think gave me 40 mins for 40 cents but I'm not sure, so when I put the card back in to just check, it seemed so, but when I pulled it out it told me to pick a cycle, so I picked the one I did before and it gave me ten more mins. And that was my smallest load.


I'm also leaving here heavier then when I arrived. I went to family dollar to get a few things and get cash back to do the wash. The card charged me $1.50 for that. 😞 Yeah, it's not much, but it also cost me $3 to move money from there to bank account.

Oh, you may not know what I'm talking about. The job gives us our pay through this pay card that they issue us.

I think that they were trying to do right by the kids they employ who didn't have bank accounts. But for the rest of us it isn't that convenient. At least I don't have to mess with checks. 😊

And on my way back him I'm picking up some cooked rice to go with some veggie  chicken dishes that my sister brought home last night.


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