April 17, 2017


I was given men's shop 3 to take care of with one other person today.

I don't think that shop should have less than 3 people in it for how big it is and we have shoes and underwear back in a corner that l am told is shoplifting prone.

But I never got that other person. She was pulled to do something else so it's just me and I am in the weeds. I stop yo help one person and my tables look like a tornado hit it and as I'm helping someone people are popping up telling me to fix places.

So it is a vicious game of catch up and you know that you can't win because when you have one table back the way it should, you see the others you did are back to how they were before and you are being asked for help.

They came and told me that I got 30 mins break, and I laughed. Not for the length of the break, but for the fact that I was being told to leave the floor, but they said that I had to take it so I left like 10 mins after I was suppose to, do fix one or two things.

I only left when I felt like I was taking too long. I told you how one of the managers got short with me for just putting back some bags.

So I have some veggie chips and water. I'm out of here at 5:30, but I don't have my watch today, so I have to wait for someone to tell me it's time to leave.


P.s. I'll explain about the shop thing later. Like Wednesday or Thursday. 😊

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