April 11, 2017



It is edible. But some help was needed. My sister brought home Chinese food / Chinese chicken with mixed veggies. 😊 I assumed that the pineapple one was for me, since the other one was missing come. That one had, I think, garlic chicken with veggies. I say thing, but at the same time I think I'm wrong. My sister has always liked the sweet stuff. Oh well. She can kill me later if she wanted the pineapple one. 😃


Oh, at least I now know what will happen to rice when left in a slow cooker for over 7 hours. I'm sure it was at least 8 with another 4 at least in warming mode. I'm pretty sure she stirred it when she got home too. Not so sure if she ate any, but I think she at least tasted it. I'll ask her tomorrow… well today when we are both awake.


Oh, the rice is much. Porridge even. Gruel if you want to be unkind.


There is also Popeye chicken on the counter too. At least I don't have to worry about what to eat tomorrow/today too much. 😊


This shift wiped me. I had two helpings. Now I'm going to lay in bed and watch The Magicians on, On Demand until I fall asleep. Right after I'm able to stand to get my plate and glass into the kitchen. 😊 The Slow cooker bit is too hot to put up right now, but the other stuff can be.




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